Roll up a fatty!

Hello my name is Jack im 22 years young, I'm British, I like longboarding, chilling in the sun, smoking the reefer, partying with my mates and playing dem irie vibrations. Check us out at

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Anonymous asked: I lived the largest chunks of my life in the UK. The rest was spent globe hopping. I found England to be a little suffocating but clearly I just never found the right people.. or maybe it should be respected that you carved out something special from what others might see as lacklustre haha. A vibrant personality is difficult to cultivate at the best of times, you must create your own inspiration I guess! Having said that ,I'd love to experience your environment. Inspirational bro!

Oh wow thank you so much, I plan to start globe hopping myself soon! It can be, suffocating but like you said luckily I have many like minded friends that I get on very well with, cheers for the good vibes!! :)  

I miss her

She’s only gone for a week but ahhhhhhhhhhhh