Roll up a fatty!

Hello my name is Jack im 22 years young, I'm British, I like longboarding, chilling in the sun, smoking the reefer, partying with my mates and playing dem irie vibrations. Check us out at

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Anonymous said: Hey Jack, That's awesome that you've joined Primo Nelson but I hope that your doing that in addition to Tallowah. I'd hate to see you leave Tallowah.

I’m still in tallowah don’t u worry!

New funk band I have just joined, CHECK US OUT RIGHT NOW! :P

Primo Nelson previously Big Dogg

Anonymous said: www . facebook. com/ eric. bennett2.5454 - someone's pretending to be you on the internet, pretending to be brothers with another fake profile pretending to be zachary (whos tumblr url is chem0brain)

Thanks dude, everyone check this out….. LOL

Anonymous said: who designed the new tallowah logo??

A guy called Jack Gooch!

Anonymous said: Is your skype name is be boy?

Not its not!!